Sorry, Jeff Bezos. Amazon Key won’t get online retailers through the front door.Marcela Sapone / ReCode - 2 years ago
  • The key to in-home commerce is more trust, not more tech.
  • On Wednesday, in 37 U.S. cities, Amazon will begin piloting a new service that enables delivery people to enter your home while you’re not there using a camera-assisted, remote-operated lock. Given the collective shudder that greeted the announcement of Amazon Key, Americans aren’t exactly comfortable with the idea of an Internet giant letting “a random human” (or worse) range freely in their homes.
  • No company is welcome through my front door without first doing the hard work to earn my trust.
  • Whether you see it as a well-meaning extension of the company’s commitment to convenience or its latest attempt to invade and commercialize our most private spaces, Amazon Key is emblematic of the broader e-commerce industry’s quest to enter our homes.
  • Having battled over the last mile of distribution, online retailers are now focused on the last meter of fulfillment, begging the question: Will delivery make it past the front door?