Silicon Valley donations to Republicans have grown faster than to Democrats since 2014Rani Molla / ReCode - 1 year ago
  • Democratic leaders claim that they have turned Silicon Valley into ground zero of the #Resistance, with a San Francisco base that is energized by the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency.
  • But that’s not exactly backed up by campaign finance data, which shows that Democrats in the Bay Area aren’t disproportionately raking in more cash than are Republicans when comparing this midterm election cycle to the last.
  • People living in the San Francisco area have given $188 million to federal Democratic candidates, party groups and liberal super PACs during this cycle, according to data pulled for Recode by the Center for Responsive Politics.
  • But Republicans raised 49 percent more this cycle from the area than they did in 2014 — albeit from a smaller base amount.