Sen. Al Franken torched Amazon, Facebook and Google for using their algorithms to maintain their massive footprintsTony Romm / ReCode - 2 years ago
  • In a speech in Washington, D.C., Franken said these and other tech players in the U.S. economy have the ability to “decide for us what we should read, watch, buy or even how we should engage in civil society, and they’re doing it all under the shadow of complicated algorithms.”
  • In one example, Franken charged that Facebook and Google have posed new threats to publishers by siphoning advertising dollars in a way that gives them “tremendous power” over journalists and authors.
  • To that end, Franken said he hoped that recent developments — including reports that Russia spread disinformation on social media during the 2016 presidential election —would prompt regulators to take a closer look at the tech industry.
  • “The government has a responsibility to ensure that these corporations do not endanger our national security, our democracy or our fundamental freedoms,” he said.