Taylor Hatmaker / TechCrunch - 2 years ago
  • In the latest edition of “uh oh, we left that just sitting out in the open,” a batch of NSA and Army files were discovered on a cloud storage server with no password protection, accessible to anyone with the URL.
  • Within the bucket of data, Vickery found 47 viewable files and three downloadable files, some of which contained information designated as “Top Secret” or “NOFORN,” a security term that stipulates that material should not be shared with foreign allies.
  • “Although the UpGuard Cyber Risk Team has found and helped to secure multiple data exposures involving sensitive defense intelligence data, this is the first time that clearly classified information has been among the exposed data,” UpGuard notes.
  • This kind of misconfigured storage server is becoming a common cautionary tale in the security world lately.