Red Hat tightens container integration with latest OpenShift releasePaul Gillin / SiliconANGLE - 2 years ago
  • The new version announced early today, which is based upon the OpenStack “Rocky” community version, improves integration with OpenShift, Red Hat’s own version of Kubernetes, and features better support for bare-metal deployments and improved automation.
  • OpenStack is Red Hat’s platform for organizations and service providers that want to run a hybrid cloud infrastructure consisting of common elements that run both on-premises and in public clouds.
  • “We’ve made it extremely simply to expand and integrate container workloads in the same application,” said Ron Pacheco, director of product management for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • The new release reduces the number of overlay networks that are required for communication between “pods,” which are containers that share storage or network resources and common runtime specifications.