NY Attorney General Investigating Why Dead People Supported The FCC’s Attack On Net NeutralityKarl Bode / Techdirt - 2 years ago
  • So as we’ve been noting for a while, the FCC’s policy order taking aim at net neutrality has been rife with all kinds of bizarre and fraudulent behavior, from the agency’s made up DDOS attack (apparently a ham-fisted PR attempt to downplay the “John Oliver effect”) to the numerous fake or otherwise dead people that have oddly supported the agency’s unpopular plan in the FCC’s comment proceeding.
  • The GAO is already investigating the FCC’s bogus DDOS claims, and the FCC is already being sued for turning a blind eye to the problem and ignoring FOIA requests.
  • The latest is that the New York Attorney General also acknowledged that his office has been looking into the fake comments submitted to the FCC’s net neutrality proceeding.
  • Throughout all of this, the FCC has turned a blind eye to the fraud occurring on its website, likely because it helps the agency downplay the massive public backlash against the plan.