Jeff Bezos plans to spend ‘a little more’ than $1B on Blue Origin next yearShara Tibken / CNET - 1 year ago
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has expanded beyond Amazon to space venture Blue Origin and The Washington Post.
  • Jeff Bezos believes in Blue Origin so much, he’s investing even more money in the space company next year. On Monday, the Amazon CEO said he plans to invest “a little more” than a billion dollars in the company next year, up from his previous investment of $1 billion annually.”I just got the news from the team,” he said during the Wired25 conference at the SFJazz Center in San Francisco.
  • “We are starting to bump up against the absolute true fact that Earth is finite,” he said said.
  • Bezos became the world’s richest person last October, thanks to the surging value of Amazon, which he founded in 1994 in his garage and stewarded into the world’s biggest e-commerce site.