Google’s Urs Hölzle still thinks its cloud revenue will catch its ad revenue, but maybe not by 2020 – GeekWireTom Krazit / GeekWire - 2 years ago
  • At Structure 2015, Google’s Urs Hölzle predicted that Google would get as much revenue from cloud computing as it did from its formidable advertising business by 2020.
  • “Even though we’re growing much faster than (the ad business), that makes it harder to catch up when they are doing $10 billion a quarter,” said Hölzle, senior vice president for technical infrastructure at Google and one of the key people responsible for building Google’s world-class computing infrastructure a decade ago.
  • Google trails Amazon Web Services and Microsoft in the cloud infrastructure market by a sizable margin, after those comapnies made cloud computing an integral part of their corporate strategy far more aggressively than Google as the market developed.