Facebook Has Finally Opened The Door To Admitting Russia Meddled In BrexitMark Di Stefano / BuzzFeed - 2 years ago
  • Facebook has issued a carefully worded statement that appears to admit for the first time that some Russia-linked accounts may have used the platform to interfere in the EU referendum.Responding to two questions from BuzzFeed News on Monday about whether there were any Kremlin-linked ads on Facebook around the time of the 2016 Brexit vote, a spokesperson said the tech company had not “observed …
  • On Monday night, Theresa May used a major foreign policy speech in London to call out Russia’s “meddling” in recent elections.Russia “is seeking to weaponise information,” the prime minister said.
  • BuzzFeed News understands Collins is preparing to take the committee’s inquiry to the US early next year for hearings with the tech giants.Last week, evidence that Russia used Twitter to influence Brexit emerged, after Wired looked at a cache of social media posts from 2016 by accounts the social network had confirmed were Russian-backed.