Facebook to combat Russian election interference by mailing postcardsAdam Westlake / SlashGear - 2 years ago
  • As the US continues to uncover the effects of Russian manipulation on its elections, Facebook has found itself desperately trying to fix its platform to eliminate interference and regain trust.
  • The postcards will be used to verify the locations of anyone attempting to buy election-related advertisements; they’ll only be mailed to US addresses, and include a unique code that the advertisers must give back to Facebook.
  • Unfortunately, it sounds like this verification system will do little to prevent those already operating in the US from buying advertisements, not to mention highly organized manipulation efforts overseas from simply relying on a single person with a US address.
  • There’s no specific timeframe for when Facebook will start using the postcards, but Global policy program director Katie Harbath told Reuters that it will go into effect by the upcoming mid-term elections in November.