Despite new rules, tracking political ad spend across Facebook, Google, and Twitter remains difficultAnna Hensel / VentureBeat - 1 year ago
  • This year, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have all created archives of political ad spending on their platforms, making publicly available for the first time information about how much are spending, and how effective it is.
  • Now, researchers at New York University have published the first analysis since these three companies launched their political ad archives to compare spending across platforms.
  • While the researchers were able to distill some spending trends — Democratic Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke and President Donald Trump were two of the biggest political ad spenders across all three platforms — one of the biggest takeaways from the report is just how difficult it is to track political ad spending across all three platforms.
  • Facebook and Twitter started rolling out ads transparency centers in May, while Google published its archive in August.