Department of Defense spying program data left exposed on unsecured AWS instancesDuncan Riley / SiliconANGLE - 2 years ago
  • The details of a global spying operation headed by the Department of Defense has been exposed after security researchers discovered data pertaining to the program on three publicly available Amazon Web Service’s S3 instance.
  • The data, discovered by the team at UpGuard Inc., consists of at least 1.8 billion scraped online posts from individuals across the globe that were seemingly gathered by CENTCOM and PACOM, the U.S.
  • That spying takes places by the Department of Defense is hardly a startling revelation but as UpGuard points out, much of the data was scrapped from U.S.
  • The exposure of the data was said to have been caused by a contractor uploading the data to an Amazon S3 instance and then making its setting public meaning exactly as the word suggests – the data was freely available to anyone who knew where it was located without the need for a password.