Cloudflare seeks to disrupt domain registration market with cut price new serviceDuncan Riley / SiliconANGLE - 1 year ago
  • Cloudflare Registrar, pitched as “domain registration you can love,” sees the company offers support for dot com, dot net and hundreds of other top level domains, at cost.
  • A dot com domain name is offered by the service at $8.03 of which $7.85 is the wholesale fee while the remaining 18 cents is the ICANN fee, a mandatory fee imposed on top of domain registration by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  • In addition to an attractive registration charge, Cloudflare Registrar is also offering free security features including two-factor authentication, multi-user support and what they describe is “a security-focused customer support team gives you peace of mind that your domain is safe.”
  • A higher tier, called Custom Domain Protection that is available to Cloudflare Enterprise customers, adding additional protection from domain hijacking with “high-touch, on and offline verification of any changes to your Registrar account.”