Apache could be game changer for Nutanix as CEO Pandey plots next movesMark Albertson / SiliconANGLE - 2 years ago
  • “To me, the single biggest game changer for the company would be in what else we can do with Apache. Over time, we’ll do many more things with open source, including in the platform space,” said Dheeraj Pandey (pictured), founder, chairman and chief executive officer Nutanix.
  • Nutanix is not a new player in open source. It’s hypervisor and controller are Linux based, and the company has used Apache tools in the past, such as Cassandra (NoSQL database management system) and ZooKeeper (distributed configuration software), according to Pandey.
  • However, a stronger push by Nutanix into the open-source realm might be a way for the company to exploit a competitive advantage against other enterprise cloud services firms.
  • Nutanix’s eight-year history covers both appliances and enterprise software.