Telltale Games Lays Off Most Employees As Part Of “majority Closure”

Telltale Games lays off most employees as part of “majority closure”Brittany A. Roston / SlashGear
  • It’s a sad day for Telltale Games, the studio behind many notable video games, including the episodic The Walking Dead series and more.
  • Telltale released its statement in a tweet today, revealing that has initiated the process of a “majority studio closure,” one that involved the “majority of the company’s employees” being dismissed from their jobs this morning.
  • It’s been an incredibly difficult year for Telltale as we worked to set the company on a new course.
  • The studio has produced a notable lineup of video games, most of them with a unique style readily identifiable as a Telltale title.

Twitter API Bug Potentially Allowed Developers To Read DMs And Private Accounts

Twitter API bug potentially allowed developers to read DMs and private accountsCorbin Davenport / Android Police
  • Twitter went into more detail about the bug on its Developer Blog, explaining that it could have allowed data to be sent to the wrong developer's webhook URL (the mechanism that some Twitter applications use to retrieve data).
  • For this to occur, two or more registered developers had to share API subscriptions tied to the same public IP, URL paths had to match exactly across those IPs, and the information sent to developers had to originate from the same server in Twitter's datacenter.

Chrome Tests Hiding URLs For Google Searches

Chrome tests hiding URLs for Google searchesTaylor Kerns / Android Police - 3 mins ago
  • URLs for Google search results are big, ugly things that contain a lot of information you probably don't need to see most of the time.
  • The new functionality is available to play with in Chrome Canary right now, under the flag #enable-query-in-omnibox.
  • While it's not as busy as the default view, it is a little awkward to see your search term on the Chrome tab, in the Omnibox, and then again in the Google search bar.

Google Admits Giving Hundreds Of Firms Access To Your Gmail Inbox

Google admits giving hundreds of firms access to your Gmail inboxAnthony Cuthbertson / The Independent - 4 mins ago
  • Hundreds of apps are able to scan and share data from the email inboxes of Gmail accounts, Google has revealed.
  • In a letter to US lawmakers, which was made public on Thursday, Google explained that third-party developers are able to both access and share data from Gmail accounts – though the company said it thoroughly vets any third parties that are granted access.
  • The inbox scanning takes place despite Google ending its own controversial email-scanning practice a year ago.
  • "Developers may share data with third parties so long as they are transparent with the users about how they are using the data," Susan Molinari, Google's head of US public policy, wrote in the letter, which was first seen by the Wall Street Journal.

LeadScorz Raises Cash To Help Marketers Analyze Sales Leads With AI

Taylor Soper / GeekWire - 1 hour ago
  • Seattle-based startup LeadScorz has raised cash to fuel growth of its software that helps marketers improve their lead acquisition process.
  • The company just reeled in a $764,000 seed round from several local business executives, including five members of the Puget Sound Venture Club.
  • LeadScorz uses a combination of AI and machine learning to assign a “score” to potential sales leads.
  • Veteran entrepreneur Pat Murphy launched the company in 2016.

Switzerland Wants Banks And Cryptocurrencies To Play Nice

Switzerland wants banks and cryptocurrencies to play nice Matthew Beedham / The Next Web - 2 hours ago
  • Switzerland is offering a leg up to fledgling blockchain businesses in an attempt to affirms itself as a global cryptocurrency hub.
  • The European banking haven is facing an exodus of blockchain startups due to uncharacteristically tough banking conditions, Reuters reports.
  • Today, the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) issued guidelines for the nation’s 250-plus banks to follow when doing business with cryptocurrency or blockchain-based startups.
  • The guidelines outline a list of checks banks should carry out when opening accounts for blockchain businesses, whether or not they are participating in an ICO.

Leaked NSA Exploits Shifting From Ransomware To Cryptocurrency Mining

Tim Cushing / Techdirt - 3 hours ago
  • Will we ever see a complete postmortem of the damage done by leaked NSA software exploits?
  • [M]ore than a year since Microsoft released patches that slammed the backdoor shut, almost a million computers and networks are still unpatched and vulnerable to attack.
  • Although WannaCry infections have slowed, hackers are still using the publicly accessible NSA exploits to infect computers to mine cryptocurrency.
  • This report, from Zack Whittaker at TechCrunch, says there's really no endpoint in sight for the unintended consequences of exploit hoarding.

Latest Pixel 3 XL Leak Focusses On Dual Front-facing Cameras, New Google Assistant UI

Latest Pixel 3 XL leak focusses on dual front-facing cameras, new Google Assistant UIAbner Li / 9to5Google - 3 hours ago
  • As we approach the October 9th Made by Google event, there has been an uptick in rumors for other devices that might debut.
  • Ishan Agarwal on Twitter this morning shared new images of a white Pixel 3 XL.
  • However, the Twitter source claims that the second “ultra wide angle” is fixed focus and has a f/2.2 aperture.
  • Meanwhile, we have another look at the redesigned Google Camera app that features bottom tabs to switch between Camera, Video, Portrait, and Panorama modes.

Google Asked Employees To Delete Memo About China Search Plan: Report

Google asked employees to delete memo about China search plan: report CNBC - 4 hours ago
  • Google scrambled to delete an internal memo circulating among employees with details about its proposed censored search app for China that showed that plans were farther along than company executives had previously indicated, The Intercept reports.
  • The memo, written by a Google engineer who was asked to work on the product, started circulating earlier this month, before human resources contacted employees believed to have read or saved it, and told them to immediately delete any copies.
  • "We are not close to launching a search product in China and whether we would do so or could so so is all very unclear," Pichai said at an internal all-hands meeting in mid-August, according to a transcript obtained by CNBC.
  • However, the memo indicated that employees working on the project were told in late July to prepare to get it in "launch-ready state" to roll out upon approval from Beijing officials, according to The Intercept.

Skype Support Coming To Alexa Later This Year

Skype support coming to Alexa later this yearPeter Bright / Ars Technica - 5 hours ago
  • Later this year you'll be able to say "Alexa, call Mom on Skype" and have Amazon's digital assistant do the right thing with Microsoft's messaging network.
  • Any Alexa-enabled device will support voice calls, and hardware with screens and cameras, such as the Echo Show, will also support video calling.
  • In times gone by, Skype was integrated into all sorts of platforms, particularly "smart" TVs.

California Police Officers Used Self-Destructing Messaging App For Years

Tim Cushing / Techdirt - 6 hours ago
  • The Long Beach Police Department has bravely struck a blow against police accountability.
  • Current and former officers from the Long Beach Police Department in Southern California have told Al Jazeera that their police-issued phones had Tiger Text installed on them.
  • The Tiger Text app is designed to erase text messages after a set time period.
  • The police officers who spoke with Al Jazeera said the confidential messaging system was used to share details of police operations and sensitive personnel issues.

VCs Say Silicon Valley Isn’t The Gold Mine It Used To Be

VCs say Silicon Valley isn’t the gold mine it used to beKate Clark / TechCrunch - 7 hours ago
  • In the days leading up to TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018, The Economist published the cover story, ‘Why Startups Are Leaving Silicon Valley.’
  • The author outlined reasons why the Valley has “peaked.” Venture capital investors are deploying capital outside the Bay Area more than ever before.
  • Needless to say, the future of Silicon Valley was top of mind on stage at Disrupt.
  • “It’s hard to make a difference in San Francisco as a single entrepreneur,” said J.D...

Apple Shares ‘Guided Tour’ Of IPhone XS, IPhone XS Max, And IPhone XR

Apple Shares ‘Guided Tour’ of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XRJoe Rossignol / MacRumors - 8 hours ago
  • The five-minute video provides an overview of various swiping gestures for navigating iOS 12, Face ID authentication, Portrait Mode with Depth Control, Dual SIM functionality, Memoji, group FaceTime, and more.
  • The video is especially useful for those who have not used an iPhone X, and are upgrading directly to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR, as the lack of a home button can take a bit of getting used to.
  • Apple has used Guided Tours to help users adjust to new devices for years, including the original iPhone in 2007, the original iPad in 2010, and the original Apple Watch in 2015.

Google Staff Discussed Tweaking Search Results After Trump Travel Ban

Google staff discussed tweaking search results after Trump travel ban CNBC - 9 hours ago
  • Emails between Google employees appear to show them discussing ways to alter the company's search engine algorithm so that results pages detailed ways of countering President Donald Trump's travel ban, after his administration restricted immigration from several Middle Eastern and African countries in January 2017.
  • The messages, seen by the Wall Street Journal, discussed ways to "leverage" the search algorithm to counter "Islamophobic, algorithmically-biased results from search terms 'Islam,' 'Muslim,' 'Iran,' etc."
  • The emails were a brainstorm of ideas and none of the suggested tweaks was ever implemented, Google told the Journal.
  • A company spokeswoman said in a statement: "Google has never manipulated its search results or modified any of its products to promote a particular political ideology — not in the current campaign season, not during the 2016 election, and not in the aftermath of President Trump's executive order on immigration.

YouTube Music For Android Rolling Out Streaming And Download Quality Controls

YouTube Music for Android rolling out streaming and download quality controlsAbner Li / 9to5Google - 9 hours ago
  • Back in August, Google officially announced audio streaming and download quality controls for YouTube Music.
  • Development of these basic options to select the quality of streaming music was first spotted in July during an APK Insight of version 2.39.
  • Heading to Settings, there is a new “Audio quality on mobile network” and “Audio quality on Wi-Fi” picker.
  • Meanwhile, the Downloads menu adds a new “Audio quality” option with Low, Normal, and High.

Alphabet Leads $185M Funding Round For Trucking Startup Convoy

Alphabet leads $185M funding round for trucking startup ConvoyMaria Deutscher / SiliconANGLE - 10 hours ago
  • Convoy provides a mobile app that connects companies who deal in physical goods with trucking companies willing to ship their merchandise.
  • One of the specific advantages that Convoy offers over the competition is predictable pricing.
  • Once a delivery is underway, companies can monitor their cargo via a dashboard that tracks the location of booked trucks in real time.
  • For freight companies, the app’s value proposition is that it offers access to a large selection of shipping contracts they can filter based on factors such cargo type and route.

NYT Sues FCC, Says It Hid Evidence Of Russia Meddling In Net Neutrality Repeal

NYT sues FCC, says it hid evidence of Russia meddling in net neutrality repealJon Brodkin / Ars Technica - 10 hours ago
  • The New York Times has sued the Federal Communications Commission over the agency's refusal to release records that the Times believes might shed light on Russian interference in the net neutrality repeal proceeding.
  • The Times made a Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) request in June 2017 for FCC server logs related to the system for accepting public comments on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's repeal of net neutrality rules.
  • This led to a months-long process in which the Times repeatedly narrowed its public records request in order to overcome the FCC's various objections.

Amazon Takes Stake In Major Indian Grocery Chain, Signaling Worldwide Brick-and-mortar Ambitions

Amazon takes stake in major Indian grocery chain, signaling worldwide brick-and-mortar ambitionsFrank Catalano / GeekWire - 11 hours ago
  • Amazon and a Mumbai-based private equity firm, through an investment entity, is acquiring a company in India that operates 523 supermarkets and 20 hypermarkets under the name “More.” The acquisition is expected to help give Amazon a brick-and-mortar grocery presence in India.
  • According to the India-based news site Mint, Amazon and Samara Capital are purchasing More by acquiring a controlling interest in its parent, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd., through a joint Amazon-Samara venture called Witzig Advisory Services Pvt.
  • Mint reports that, due to foreign ownership regulations in India, Amazon holds a 49 percent stake in the joint venture with Samara.
  • The purchase comes as Amazon faces Walmart-owned Flipkart in India, which has no offline presence.

$59.5M Stolen In Hack Of Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif

$59.5M stolen in hack of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange ZaifDuncan Riley / SiliconANGLE - 1 day ago
  • Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif is the latest to be hacked, reporting that 6.7 billion yen ($59.5 million) in crypto had been stolen from its service, including 5,966 bitcoins.
  • In a media release Tuesday, the exchange did not provide details on how the hack took place.
  • Of the cryptocurrency stolen, 2.2 billion yen ($19.5 million) belonged to parent company Tech Bureau Corp.
  • The exchange went on to note that it has informed police and Japan’s Financial Services Agency and hired Kaichi Corp., a communications equipment supplier that “makes richness and aspirations come true while focusing on co-existence and co-prosperity with our customers,” to assist it in a forensic investigation of the hack.

Amazon Just Revealed Its Plan For Total Smart Home Domination

Amazon just revealed its plan for total smart home dominationKarissa Bell / Mashable - 1 day ago
  • The company revealed a dozen new Alexa-powered gadgets on Thursday, including redesigned Echo speakers, a new subwoofer and amplifier, a wall clock, and, yes, a microwave.
  • Of these, the $59.99 microwave (officially called the AmazonBasics Microwave) attracted much of the attention because, well, it's pretty damn random, right?
  • Though microwave is Alexa-enabled, it doesn't have any speakers or microphones built in.
  • At launch later this year, Alexa will be able to understand dozens of presets, as well as commands like "add 30 seconds."